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Are EV’s right for everyone?

Are EV’s right for everyone?

Do we believe electric vehicles are right for everyone?

No, we don’t!  Our view is that as things currently stand, some people are perfectly suited to owning an EV and who would benefit greatly.  There are others that due to their travel requirements and vehicle usage profile, would not benefit from owning an EV at all and would find the experience either impractical or expensive compared to a traditional Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle.

In most cases, it’s about finding the ‘sweet spot’.  This ‘sweet spot’ can be measured based on a driver’s average daily, weekly or monthly mileage pattern, whether that be from commuting to work, job type or lifestyle.  The sweet spot is usually reflected in a mileage profile that is neither too low, nor too high.

For example, if your daily mileage requirements are really low and you only drive a couple of thousand miles a year, then yes, an EV will probably work for you, but you are unlikely to see any significant WLC savings as you are not doing enough miles to gain the cost benefit.  At the other end of the scale, if you have a daily commute of 120 miles and the EV’s “real” range is just 90 miles, it means a charge at least once a day, which may not be feasible or practical.

Each vehicle has a sweet spot, and they can be quite different from model to model. Those driver profiles that fall within the sweet spot are those who we should target, at least in the short term.  These drivers will offer the greatest cost savings and will benefit the most from the switch to electric.

NOTE: The ‘sweet spot’ of EV’s are constantly widening as vehicle pricing lowers due to demand coupled with new models with increased range.  This means that more and more drivers are falling into this sweet spot, which is good news for all.

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