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How The CleanCar System Works for Different Types of Customer

How The CleanCar System Works for Different Types of Customer

I regularly get asked how the CleanCar solution works and depending on the audience I will tell a slightly different story.  It’s not that we have multiple solutions for a variety of Use Cases but the benefit of the CleanCar system does change depending on your perspective.  In this quick article, I will explain the CleanCar business model and give a quick overview of the benefits depending upon your point of reference.

To start let’s review the image below that explains the flow of data into CleanCar, explains what we do with it and how we report on it.

Overview of CleanCar

To explain the image in more detail, the CleanCar solution is split into the following areas:

CleanCar Consumer

CleanCar consumer, aimed at the average person on the street; it’s the trimmed down version of CleanCar that allows a user to see if they are suited to an Electric Vehicle, which EV would suit their requirements and if they would save any money by making the switch.  Our route to market for this service is generally via a third party or as we like to say a channel partner.  This is an organisation like an energy company or vehicle manufacturer, who know their customers would benefit from the use of an EV and simply need a tool to help prove it.  That where we come in, we assist those organisation is showing the benefits of an EV to their customers.

CleanCar Business

CleanCar business is where we started out; aimed at the larger organisations who run a fleet of vehicles. They have a good understanding of the benefits of an Electric Vehicle but simply can’t make that decision to move to this new technology.  We often find they feel the decision is a “bit risky” and there are too many unknowns.  By following the CleanCar approach, we show them which vehicles they should switch and help them to understand the financial benefits; we also can make suggestions regarding how many charge points they need and where to put them.  Its powerful stuff and it is great for anyone looking to de-risk a decision about their e-mobility requirements

CleanCar Intelligent Mobility Solutions

This part of CleanCar is our Data Science bit (if my old maths teachers at school could see how excited I get these days with numbers and data, they would simply not believe it).  In a nutshell, we can collect very accurate data about how people use their vehicles and from their build up profiles of usage; we can also then combine this data with other data sets to tell a story.

If you have a project where understanding how people use vehicles is important then let us know, we can likely help

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