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How to Gain Maximum Range with An EV

How to Gain Maximum Range with An EV


How to gain maximum range for the EV’s in your Fleet

CleanCar’s Top 10 EV range performance tips

Simple, easy advice that can extend your EV mileage range by 25% or more…

Aggressive driving styles, hot and cold seasonal weather conditions and differences in route topographies will all combine to negatively impact on the range capability of the electric and hybrid vehicles in your Fleet. Here are some very straightforward tips and advice on how drivers and Fleet managers can gain optimal EV range performance. By encouraging your company vehicle drivers to adopt these habits not only alleviates any ‘range anxiety’ issues but also ensures both company and employee gains the maximum cost benefits from switching to low/zero emission transport. It’s good for profits, pockets and the planet!

  1. Encourage your EV driver’s into the habit of pre-planning their vehicle charging needs and ensure, whenever possible, they reach the 80% optimal battery charge level. Apart from gaining optimum range, the long term effect will also maintain and extend the battery ‘life’ and when recorded regularly, is reliable ‘good condition’ documentation that supports asset resale or lease returns
  2. When planning a longer than normal trip do remind them to make sure they are aware of more than one or two of the public network charge point locations en route as they cannot always be relied upon to either be working or available! – There’s an App for that so search for Zap-Map, Chargepoint or PlugShare in the app stores
  3. In cold weather, recommend them having the heater on during the last 20- minutes or so of charging so that minimal heat settings will suffice during the journey – Seat warmers do the trick nicely! – If its hot weather then the same applies to the air conditioning
  4. Also, when out and about encourage drivers to park in the shade/sheltered bays for the same reasons as above
  5. Encourage your EV drivers to develop a smooth breaking and acceleration driving style! This improves battery performance and range efficiencies as well as safety!
  6. Educate them to try to avoid high speeds, especially over 50 mph given that EV’s are almost the opposite to petrol & diesel as slow stop/start style city driving suits electric vehicles
  7. As ever, longer trips in an electric or hybrid vehicle should always be planned so remind them that high cruising speeds on motorways for long periods will reduce the stated range capability
  8. Encourage them to use their vehicles ‘ECO settings’ to aid battery performance and conditioning
  9. Advise them to leave the kitchen sink at home! More unnecessary weight equals less range
  10. Ask them to test and compare their regular route options as some so called ‘faster’ routes could be less range efficient (higher speed – flat motorway) and lack regenerative breaking benefits (up hill and down dale!)

In short, cold and warm weather conditions use up more battery power (performance fluctuation caused by extreme temperatures) and also results in heavier use of both power draining vehicle heating and air conditioning systems. Higher speed cruising over longer flat distances drains battery power faster given the lack of regenerative breaking system benefits

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