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Electric vs Petrol ownership costs

 Electric vs Petrol ownership costs Electric vehicles (EV’s for short) are the coming thing in motor transport; some of the major manufactures such as Nissan with their Leaf model have made serious inroads into the private vehicle sector and in the next two years all the big manufacturers are planning to release a range of fully electric […]

save you money

How can electric vehicles save you money?

How can electric vehicles save you money? One of the biggest day-to-day savings we can make is the cost of fuel. A 2018 study showed that electric cars cost half as much to operate as a diesel or petrol alternative. Our cost calculator analyses your personal usage to tell you if you’re able to save […]

electric vehicle solution

Find your Electric Vehicle Solution in 2019 

Find your Electric Vehicle Solution in 2019  2019 is the year to start getting excited about switching your diesel or petrol vehicle to electric, as the electric vehicle revolution continues to gather momentum. Over the last few years electric cars have become more affordable. We’re seeing new models rapidly being developed by car manufacturers such […]

Electric fleet

Having an Electric Fleet…

Having an Electric Fleet – Alice Wilson – Digital Marketing Assistant Are you a Fleet Manager or employee that is in control of a fleet and wants to switch to EV? Take a read of this blog, it will be worth your while… Having an Electric Fleet is what all fleet managers consider. However, the […]

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Switching EV in 300 words…

Switching EV… “CleanCar is a system that “Makes it Easy to Switch to Electric Vehicles. Many fleets today understand the benefits of adopting electric vehicles but are currently on the fence and are unable to make the decision to switch. They usually have unanswered questions including: Are EV’s suitable for our requirements? Which vehicles are […]

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Electric Vehicle Data Service to Broaden Reach

“Electric Vehicle Data Service to Broaden Reach” The content in the “BusinessCar” Magazine – “Jack Carfrae reports” – CleanCar are proud to announce we are in the BuisnessCar Magazine. Please take a read of the article. This article tells you all about the “app-based version of its CleanCar service”.  “Electric Vehicle Data Service to Broaden […]

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CleanCar to Attend Web Summit 7

CleanCar’s B2B fleet electric mobility profiling solution up scales. This is to manage the increasing Consumer demand for personal EV suitability and cost-benefit advice.   *PRESS RELEASE* Demand for a personalised, evidence-based EV suitability rating with definitive cost-benefit proof increases significantly. As Private Motorists accelerate their desire to lease or purchase comparable EV’s, switching from […]

Elevator pitch

CleanCar in 60 Seconds…

Alex Baker CEO of CleanCar gives his 60-second elevator pitch. Find out what Alex has to say in his 60 second overview of CleanCar…     Why read out 60 second Elevator Pitch? CleanCar has been involved in doing a 60-Second evaluator pitch. 60 Seconds that will blow your mind away. This is to help […]

Employers and Unions

Overview of CleanCar for Employers and Unions

  Overview of CleanCar First of all, welcome to the Overview of CleanCar for Employers and Unions. In the time that we have been providing the CleanCar solution, we have worked with some very large organisations many of which have good solid union representation. However, this “One Page” overview is about what CleanCar is, how it works […]

History of CleanCar

A brief history of CleanCar

The history of CleanCar A brief history of CleanCar and a look to the future… In the words of Alex Baker, CEO and founder.   Welcome Welcome to CleanCar and thanks for taking the time to visit our Blog.  As a user of the CleanCar system, you may find it useful to have a brief […]