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Wanting to find a charging station but where do you start?

CleanCar totally understand’s the daunting feeling that you may be experiencing. The daunting feeling that occurs when you need to find a charging point. Planning is required before each journey. This will prevent EV drivers ending up in a situation, where they run out of battery.  There are many apps that can show drivers local charging points etc. in the area. Finding charging points on the map before the journey, will help drivers become more aware of their surroundings in different areas. The driver will also gain more confidence in driving to destinations, knowing where the nearest charging point is along the way.

Majority of drivers assume charging points will be at petrol/diesel fuelling stations. That is wrong. Unfortunately not every fuel station has a charging point. Planning your journey is the way forward to ensuring you are going to have enough battery to make it to a local charging station without running out. Having an idea on knowing how far your vehicle can go without running out of battery is great. It is something you will soon be used too.





So, where you are going to charge next?

Like I mentioned before. This is why you need to plan… It is the only way you will be able to balance your journey out and get the most range out of your vehicle.





Planning your journey isn’t hard or time consuming at all …

Doing research as I have mentioned before and understanding your vehicle’s range will help you evaluate how you work out when you need to charge vehicle next.  Also, whilst doing this you will need to allow yourself a few more miles in the battery, just in case ‘plan A’ doesn’t workout you can always go to plan B. However, you will soon get used to when your vehicle needs charging.

Planning your journey is beneficial for you. If you travel alone as you should already have planned what charging point’s you are going to be using along the way and how long it will take etc. The reason we say this is, incase the charging points you originally wanted to use in ‘plan A’ were not working etc. You always have a back up plan. i.e ‘Plan B’. This is to ensure you have enough time to get to your destination whilst having to skip to ‘Plan B’.

Look at it like an EV adventure. All EV drivers do it. It adapt’s to your lifestyle of driving. It just takes a little time. For some driver’s they get the hang of the range very quickly, some don’t. Once your used to your vehicle, drivers find it much easier and convenient as they are able to stop during a journey for a charge. This give themselves a break whilst the vehicle is charging. They go grab a coffee; chat to a few clients and send a few emails to their team. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s beneficial to the environment and yourself.





Never Feel Alone…

Never feel you are alone when you are a EV driver. There are now recovery companies that  are trained to work with electric vehicle’s. The roadside recovery companies will ensure that if you run out of battery they will tow you to the nearest charging station.  You may use them once and learn how far your vehicle can go. You may never have to use them but it’s great to know they are there. Knowing that there is a Plan Z makes you feel much better as an EV driver. When you purchase an electric vehicle, getting the right recovery company is a priority. Certainly something to be looking into.

Being recovered may not be the quickest or convenient experience to have but it’s their if you judge your range incorrectly. A recovery company is there for reassurance if you have ran out of battery after going for plan A and then plan B.  You will also get used to knowing the areas you are driving to and from and where charging points are going to be. Soon enough, there will not be any planning before each journey because you would have adapted to the EV lifestyle.

Now, does this sound reassuring? I hope it does. Now, do you want to make the EV switch if it will be beneficial to you? Then, why not try CleanCar out… We show you the benefits and cost savings of making the EV switch. Also, if you are not going to benefit from a Electric Vehicle then we will tell you.

Saving you time and money.

If you would like to know more about CleanCar please continue reading… Thank you.




In the five years since we envisioned CleanCar. Our core proposition has become increasingly more relevant to business fleets and motorists. We accelerate the transition to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. Our CleanCar solution aims to fully inform both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ as easy as possible…











The CleanCar device (we must find a catchier name, send ideas to is an incredibly smart piece of kit, but for this FAQ, we will keep it simple.

  • The CleanCar device has been designed to record GPS coordinates of your location while you are driving
  • It will do this every 10 seconds or 100 metres or 25-degree change in direction so on a winding road it takes more coordinates and on a straight one less.
  • The device saves these coordinates and every few minutes it connects to the mobile network via an on-board sim and uploads these to the CleanCar portal. It will store around ten days of driving if for any reason there is no signal.
  • Once we receive the data, we store it up, and while most people are asleep in the early morning, our servers and algorithms convert it into journeys and statistics.
  • The following day you will be able to log in see your stats.
  • CleanCar aims to help users like you to make the switch from your internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle.






  • CleanCar is owned by The Virtual Forge and run by Alex Baker, www.thevirtualforge.comare a company who design exciting and innovative IT systems for some of the world’s best-known companies, they also analyse lots of data. We have about 120 employees based all over the world in the UK, Portugal and the USA.  The team dedicated to CleanCar numbers eight presently with loads of support from the rest of the group. Our founder Alex Baker would love to hear your views, drop him a line on






  • Wanting to find more information regarding The CleanCar System and changing to an Electric Fleet please contact our team at or visit our website at

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