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Go Green with CleanCar

Go Green with CleanCar

Go Green with CleanCar…

Wanting to make the Electric Vehicle switch but not sure on what the benefits or consequences could be? Well, CleanCar can guide you to the right decision. CleanCar understand’s how you might be feeling, the fear of the unknown. All the drivers that have made the switch to EV would have experienced these feelings. Using our risk-free system will show you the benefits of making the switch and stop you from over thinking. Why not use CleanCar?




Going Green

Going Green is a huge risk to take whether you are doing it personally or for your fleet. The risk is wanting to spend all this money on an Electric vehicle but unsure if it will be beneficial for you? There are cases where drivers make the  EV switch and don’t become beneficial or save money from it what so ever. As, everyone seems to think as it’s eco-friendly and cheap to run you will save money. BUT… This is the risk you take. BUT… Personally that is a very BIG cost risk doing it that way. That’s why we have The CleanCar system for you, to prevent making the switch becoming the wrong decision. It is certainly the risk-free way.




A company switching to EV –

A company switching to EV creates a large encouragement on the community and businesses around it. As, businesses are becoming environmentally friendly, a lot of businesses/people find this really supporting to our environment. Electric Vehicles change the perspective for company’s and drivers lifestyle’s. For example; charging the vehicle at home or charging the vehicle at charging stations. You have time whilst the vehicle is charging to write a few e-mails as well as accepting a few calls at the local cafe. What could get better than this? You couldn’t do that when you had a diesel/petrol vehicle… There not life changing changes but it’s just the change on how you work and fill your vehicle up. It isn’t that bad after all…

Time to change! What is going to happen when you make that EV switch? Well, we can tell you one thing for certain. You will certainly be making the quality of air better and improving the environment.




Making the EV switch

Now, not every person is suitable for an electric vehicle. As everyone suits different types of vehicles due to their everyday journeys. So, finding out if it will be beneficial for the EV switch beforehand it puts your mind at rest. Knowing from the time you purchase your vehicle from then on you will be saving money, or just saving money overall.


First thing’s first… Everyone wants a new car!

What are you going to choose? – The one that is speedy, fashionable or the one that is more economical. Well, I think the speedy and fashionable comes first in the decision. That needs to change. You need to have an open mind. When you go to view electric vehicles there are things that you won’t be comfortable and confident with. In time it will get better.  As EV’s are the future and electric vehicles are environmental friendly. Knowing one day you will be making the switch to EV if it benefits you in the future is quite overwhelming and exciting. 


Now, put yourself in the shoes of your fleet manager.

You want to change your fleet but how? How will you find all this information to prove to the director of the business that it would save you all money. Well, unless you have a lot of time on your hands you will be unable to do it. That is why CleanCar is here to guide you on the EV roads.

Fleet managers may want to purchase new vehicles for the business but what will they want to buy? Something reliable for their drivers but also at a low rate cost. So, this narrows it down but not to electric vehicles…  What needs to happen is, if you are really serious of saving money for the business. You will need to find the solution that is risk-free, ah, here we are! We have found CleanCar for you! If Fleet managers used the CleanCar system before considering to purchase an electric vehicles for their fleet, their decision would be a fair one and the right one. CleanCar has the system to show you what is going to be beneficial for you and your drivers if you did make the EV switch.

Now, are you wanting to go green? Going green is not as easy as it seems and also reading this blog we hope you have a better understanding of what to be looking for when you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle. (A risk-free solution).

If you are wanting to find out how our CleanCar device works then please keep reading.


Alex Baker CEO of CleanCar gives you a great overview of

how the CleanCar device works –

“CleanCar is a solution that helps to speed up the switch to electric vehicles, electric vehicles for a right person can be incredibly cost effective and can save you in excess to three thousand pounds a year. What we do is we help to make that happen by taking a small device like this or an app, we place it into a driver’s vehicle and that driver just so you know uses their car as normal we collect that data. We run it for a number of algorithms and we make it very simple by saying;
1. Are you suited to an electric vehicle?
2. Which electric vehicles will be suited?
3. Finally, will you actually save any money by making the switch to an electric vehicle?
So, we make it very easy for somebody to just make that risk-free decision.”
See, a simple explanation way of using the device. Risk-free and no chaos what so ever. Instead of wasting all your money purchasing an electric vehicle with no idea how much you are saving or wasting. Why not go the risk-free option and go CleanCar. Knowing you will be saving the business money and giving the company a solution to make more money will be great. Why not use the CleanCar system and we will be able to guide you on the EV roads.

Want to know more about CleanCar? Here are some questions from the FAQ –  WWW.CLEANCAR.IO


About CleanCar –

In the five years since we envisioned CleanCar, our core proposition has become increasingly more relevant to business fleets and motorists, as we accelerate the transition to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. Our CleanCar solution aims to fully inform both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ as easy as possible..


How does the device work?

The CleanCar device (we must find a catchier name, send ideas to is an incredibly smart piece of kit, but for this FAQ, we will keep it simple.

  • The CleanCar device has been designed to record GPS coordinates of your location while you are driving
  • It will do this every 10 seconds or 100 metres or 25-degree change in direction so on a winding road it takes more coordinates and on a straight one less.
  • The device saves these coordinates and every few minutes it connects to the mobile network via an onboard sim and uploads these to the CleanCar portal. It will store around ten days of driving if for any reason there is no signal.
  • Once we receive the data, we store it up, and while most people are asleep in the early morning, our servers and algorithms convert it into journeys and statistics.
  • The following day you will be able to log in see your stats.
  • CleanCar aims to help users like you to make the switch from your internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle


Who are the team behind the CleanCar team?

CleanCar is owned by The Virtual Forge and run by Alex Baker, are a company who design exciting and innovative IT systems for some of the worlds best-known companies, they also analyse lots of data.We have about 120 employees based all over the world in the UK, Portugal and the USA.  The team dedicated to CleanCar numbers eight presently with loads of support from the rest of the group.Our founder Alex Baker would love to hear your views, drop him a line on

To read anymore information about CleanCar –

If you would like to contact our CleanCar Team, you can at or call our office. Please find us on Social Media @cleancarsystem. Thank you.

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