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OEM Retailer & Dealer Guide
Promoting the switch from ICE to EV’s
Showroom Sales Process Checklist!

Whether selling to Fleets or private motorists, OEM car dealers and retailers plus the independent dealer group sector all face similar challenges in educating both their consumer and fleet customers to adopt a better informed buy or lease ‘mindset’ as we transition from ICE to Electric mobility.

Showroom Sales

But the first challenge is in evolving the showroom sales approach and developing appropriate sales aids that enable dealerships to help their customers to truly understanding the importance of customer car usage ‘suitability’ to make the switch to electric as well as give them a deeper understanding of the Whole Life Cost differences and nuances between current petrol/diesel models and EV’s/Hybrids.

Whole Life Cost

The CleanCar analysis platform includes all the current National & Local Government grant & taxation benefits available to promote the increase in purchase/lease of EVs and their charging infrastructure requirements with a detailed breakdown that includes:
• Lease/Purchase cost comparison
• Running costs
• Maintenance & repair
• Vehicle excise duty
• National Insurance/BIK
– Employer & Employee
• Company Car Tax
• Fuel Benefit Tax
• Congestion charge
• Clean air Tax
• Residual Values
• Capital allowances

EV Suitabilitys

Gaining initial vehicle and driver ‘usage profiling’ data will indicate potential EV suitability and can be started in the initial sales process via structured Q & A sessions (average miles per regular trip/longest trip/off street parking/daily commute etc). This initial engagement establishes potential customer EV suitability and is where CleanCar joins the Sales Team (as the most reliable and consistent team member that never takes a comfort break!) to provide personalized evidence based Whole Life Costs analysis showing costs saved over the lifetime of ownership or lease and the most suitable model/make for the usage profile.

GPS plug-in device/Smartphone app

This is achieved by simply offering customers the use of either CleanCar’s mobile app or simple plug-in device over a representative period of time, that automates the usage profiling process, providing a suitability rating with appropriate EV/Hybrid model recommendations and a detailed Whole Life Cost comparison analysis. Showroom return visit assured, armed with their own evidence based use case, generated via CleanCar!

Overcoming Apathy & Misinformation

CleanCar supports the showroom sales process by providing evidence bases data analysis ensuring that customer’s financial and practical decision making process is transparent and personalized and negates the sales barriers put up by misguided perceptions such as:

EV’s – Higher Purchase Prices

Most suitable buyers/users of EV’s simply see that the purchase price of EV’s vehicles are generally higher (on a like for like basis) than petrol/diesel vehicles.

EV’s – Lower Operating Costs

What they don’t immediately see is that EV’s are significantly cheaper to operate/maintain with very low electricity vs. fossil fuel per mile costs & lower maintenance/repair costs (given less moving parts in EV’s compared to ICE vehicles).

EV’s – Low Range

This concern over perceived low range is pretty much a red herring for most motorists but does create an emotional barrier and prejudice to even considering EV’s as a viable option. Fact is, most consumers and company car drivers rarely travel more than 20 – 30 miles in a single trip, which is well within most EV’s range capacities.