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Wanting to be a EV owner?

Wanting to be a EV owner?

Wanting to be EV owners?

By Alice Wilson Digital Marketing Assistant

Are you wanting to make the electric vehicle switch but unsure on a few questions? How about reading this blog and your questions may be answered within it. If you would like any questions answered that are not answered in this blog please e-mail us at




 Making the switch from fuelling to electric is the biggest transition that will happen within the EV switch. But… There are questions that still aren’t being answered to guide you in making the switch.





How can I get to meetings miles away?

When I have meetings, will my vehicle last my whole journey or will I have to re-charge half way through? If you were to go on a journey in your diesel/petrol vehicle you would know whether you need to fill up, unfortunately we are used to these vehicles. There is no big change other than, the vehicle needs power not fuel. However, with Diesel/petrol vehicles you rush when you are fuelling your vehicle up. There is no chance to look at phone, call contacts, or respond to emails.

Whereas, making the EV switch you can take a break whilst your vehicle is charging, respond to emails, make urgent calls. Also, socialising with other EV drivers whilst learning more things about your EV.  Yes, sometimes Electric Public charging points are busy but it’s only like waiting at a petrol station for someone to finish at the pump.




Planning your journey –

Planning your journey beforehand is the best option, we recommend you do this. There are many apps that will help you with planning. Finding your closest charging points on the way to your destination will save a lot of time. Not every petrol station and car park have charging points. So, please be aware.

Majority of places have a minimum of 1 on the site. If it’s being used, what are you going to do? You have 30 miles left… You should prepare for back-up plans. Plan B – Find the other charging point in the area you have enough battery to get to. Always allow more time when you set off for your journey with a full battery so, if you are expected to find another charging point you will have enough time and battery to do this.





How long will my vehicle range last? –

Like we have said before. Having an electric vehicle is similar to having a petrol/diesel the difference is you charge and have no-emissions from electric. BUT, looking at the bigger picture… the pedals, steering wheel and everything else in the vehicle is updated but the same inside. Just powered… not fuelled.

Changed your mind yet? As well as everything else, there will be F – E (Full to Empty) for the battery. Seeing how many miles you have left as well as a battery, the battery may not last as long as a full tank in your fuelled vehicle but you will soon get used to it. It just takes a little bit of time. The sooner you start to look more into the range of your new vehicle and start to drive one the better! 





Charging my vehicle through the night, will it last?

Charging your vehicle through the night is the fast and efficient way to know that you will be sleeping whilst your vehicle is charging to ready for you in the morning before your journey ahead. What do you do? Well, when you get home from work or an event on the evening just pop it on charge and leave it overnight to charge away if you have a home charging point. A home charging point is the best thing to buy in this case. You can charge your vehicle when you feel like it and you know that it’s available to use instead of waiting or thinking about public charging points. See, charging your vehicle in the comfort of your driveway. Safe and sound.

Can you get a bigger battery for your vehicle to last longer on journeys? There will not be any need for this. The reason why is that you will soon be getting used to your EV battery you have by now. As soon as you change it again it will be starting all over again. Understanding the range and trying to do as many miles as you can out of it will start to become a challenge and a challenge that may surprise how far your EV actually goes without a charge.

So, instead of purchasing a bigger battery which could be wasting your money why not charge your vehicle more frequently at home or at work. More easy and convenient for yourself. There are all types of vehicles with different range capacity and you choose the vehicle that would suit your needs or why not find out if you would save money by making the EV switch?

Wanting to make the EV switch but unsure if it will beneficial for you? Why not use the risk-free system – The CleanCar system. We can show you the true benefits of making the EV switch. If a electric vehicle will not be suitable for you we will tell you. We can also show what specific electric vehicle’s would be beneficial for you. What do you think? Call our team, we can have a chat and let you know…





About CleanCar –

In the five years since we envisioned CleanCar, our core proposition has become increasingly more relevant to business fleets and motorists. We accelerate the transition to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. Our CleanCar solution aims to fully inform both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ as easy as possible…





Questions that are answered by our team relevant to this blog –



How does the device work? –

The CleanCar device (we must find a catchier name, send ideas to is an incredibly smart piece of kit, but for this FAQ, we will keep it simple.

  • The CleanCar device has been designed to record GPS coordinates of your location while you are driving
  • It will do this every 10 seconds or 100 metres or 25-degree change in direction so on a winding road it takes more coordinates and on a straight one less.
  • The device saves these coordinates and every few minutes it connects to the mobile network via an onboard sim and uploads these to the CleanCar portal. It will store around ten days of driving if for any reason there is no signal.
  • Once we receive the data, we store it up, and while most people are asleep in the early morning, our servers and algorithms convert it into journeys and statistics.
  • The following day you will be able to log in see your stats.
  • CleanCar aims to help users like you to make the switch from your internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle. 


    Who are the team behind the cleancar team

    CleanCar is owned by The Virtual Forge and run by Alex Baker, are a company who design exciting and innovative IT systems for some of the worlds best-known companies, they also analyse lots of data.We have about 120 employees based all over the world in the UK, Portugal and the USA.  The team dedicated to CleanCar numbers eight presently with loads of support from the rest of the group.Our founder Alex Baker would love to hear your views, drop him a line on



    How to Contact The CleanCar System Team –

Wanting to find more information regarding The CleanCar System and changing to an Electric Fleet please contact our team at or visit our website at

We hope you find all the information you need to gain a better understanding of the CleanCar system. We have many more blogs on our webpage that will show you how CleanCar works to guides. All you have to do to visit our blogs is click on the following link – if you think this will be beneficial to someone you know then share our blog.

We also have a FAQ page. If you have questions they may have been answered on here –

Please find us on social media @cleancarsystem and give us a follow!

Thank you.

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